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Clio solutions

For R&D, acoustics, electronics, production-line quality control and more.....
Clio QC box Model 5 from DBS Audio UK
R&D, acoustics, transfer function, etc.

The Clio 12 FW-02 interface box uses a USB connection for data and control via Clio V 12 software. With fully balanced inputs and phantom powering, it makes possible a very wide range of measurements, using MLS, log chirp, waterfall, polar plots, wavelet, and sine, including harmonic and intermodulation distortion, Wow and Flutter, room acoustics, long term noise dosage and much more. It is also a highly versatile signal generator, able to provide a wide range of signal types. 


Clio fw is self-calibrating, with the ability to measure up to 90kHz, in conjunction with the inclusive V 11 software.


It is ideal for a wide variety of precision acoustic and electronic measurements, applying many analysis methods, including transfer function, live transfer function, FFT, RTA, impedance, (including LCR), Voltage and Wow and Flutter, etc. Also included in the test suite are ISO338 acoustical parameters, STI for rooms and auditoria and 3-D balloon directivity.


V12 also has low and high pass filters for the test signal, direct current measurement, plus many other features too numerous to mention here.

Clio is able to display results in SPL, voltage, dBV, dBU, acceleration in g, displacement, L,C, R, etc. it is in effect a highly versatile multi-function test laboratory.

Easy QC operation


Clio V12 QC is additional software to Clio V 12 Standard. With QC, the script may be written to display all test results and curves and record all measurements against serial numbers for analysis, or simply indicate pass and fail.

​It may be as complex or simple as the process demands 

V12 QC may also be used to control and interface with production-line equipment or mechanisms.

Quality control


The Model 5 QC power amplifier/QC box is operated via USB interface under Clio's software control. With its four switchable inputs, current and DC voltage sensing and DC-on-signal imposition, it provides enhanced rub and buzz testing.

It can interface the Clio QC software via a foot switch, for easy operation (instead of the keyboard).

The QC box also enables subwoofer max. power testing to ANSI/CEA-210 standard and perform contactless Thiele Small parameter testing in conjunction with a distance sensing laser.

Also now available SW-01 4 switch box, with four speaker outputs controlled via Model 5

Loudspeaker production line QC test with Clio QC
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