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High performance and value are keywords for Clio accessories


Electret microphones.


Mic 01, 02 and 03 electret microphones are different  lengths, but the specifications are identical. Mic 04 is a compact right-angled version for use in tight spaces (for example production line QC). All are carefully calibrated for sensitivity in mV/Pa and assured to be within stated tolerances.

These mics may be supplied with calibration data on CD ROM, for automatic frequency response correction, but only if requested at purchase, or if the microphone is sent back to Italy for calibration.




ACH-01 is a low-cost accelerometer, and one which is invaluable for vibrational measurements. Each ACH-01 is calibrated in mV/g and using this figure, Clio will display acceleration or velocity graphically up to 20kHz.

Clio accelerometer from DBS Audio UK
Clio mic preamp from DBS Audio
Mic preamplifiers


Clio microphones work fine with the standard 3m mic lead supplied, but for longer  cable runs a mic.  preamp is required. 

Pre 01  includes phantom powering, suitable for Mic 01, 02, 03, 04, and other microphones requiring low-voltage phantom power.​

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