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​DBS Audio

 Electro-acoustics consultancy
Dave Berriman
founder and principal

Dave trained and qualified as an electronic engineer. His love of music and fascination with music reproduction lead him into the audio industry as an electronics design engineer, and then as a technical hi-fi journalist and loudspeaker designer..

The urge to learn more about audio lead him into back into design, but in electro-acoustics instead of electronics, specialising in loudspeaker system and transducer design and working with a range of hi fi companies to help improve their products, or design new ones from scratch.

in 1995, while using the leading measuring system of the day, he discovered Clio. It was so much more versatile and easier to use that he sold his more expensive test equipment, bought a Clio system and has never looked back.

Like the man who liked his shaver so much he bought the company, Dave has distributed Clio in the U.K. ever since and has built a long list of satisfied customers.

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