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Audio Design Consultancy and Clio Customers

We have supplied Clio measuring systems to many prestigious customers, small and large, in the Pro Audio and hi-fi industries and universities over the years, including a long list of leading international brands, small specialist manufacturers and universities, who recognise the leading part Clio pays in modern audio design and Quality Control.
We support our customers with general advice on using Clio for design and QC, or as consultants where more in depth assistance, or training is required. 
As consultants, we also undertake electro-acoustic design of complete loudspeaker systems from concept to production, with the design and development of complete loudspeaker systems, including dynamic loudspeaker drive units, cabinets and crossovers, followed by fine-tuning using measurements and ears and, finally, bringing the whole product into to mass production.
Working as design and project management consultants, we have worked with many customers over the years, including Epos, Arcam, Acoustic Research, Celestion, Harman UK (Entel), Musical Fidelity, etc, starting from initial concept all the way through to production, in order to bring many well reviewed and award-winning products to market.
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