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USB based Clio V12


DBS Audio is the sole UK distributor for the Italian audio measuring specialist Audiomatica.


We are proud to supply Audiomatica's USB-based Clio V12 24-bit electro-acoustics and electronics test and measuring system, replacing their highly successful Fire wire connected V11 and making it far more versatile for both lab-based and in the field measurements and adding a few improvements in the bargain. 


Clio is the industry standard for production line quality control in factories all over the globe. It is also in use in the R&D laboratories of many leading hif-fi and pro-audio brands, in addition to universities, custom AV and Pro Audio installers and distributors. Clio is the ideal solution in so many applications.

That is why we prefer to talk about solutions rather than products.



Audiomatica's Clio Pocket is a miniature precision portable measurement system.


Clio Pocket's tiny CP-01 audio interface is so compact that it can literally fit into a trouser pocket.


Totally flexible for portable use, it requires only a single USB2 connection to a computer for the generation and acquisition of signals and DC power.


The CP-01 is a lab-grade instrument, at a budget price and, just like the well-established Clio fw, it self- calibrates to stored factory settings, via the matching software to ensure highly accurate and repeatable measurement. 

Clio Pocket is presented in a protective plastics carry case and includes a MIC-02 (Lite version), phantom-powered electret microphone and all the connecting leads required, including a 2.7m low-noise- microphone cable.


So, with the addition of a small Windows or Apple Mac laptop, Clio Pocket makes a handy and extremely accurate portable audio measuring system.

Audiomatica have put their many years of expertise into the Clio Pocket version. The software contains its most useful measurements and post-processing features which loudspeaker and audio engineers need on a day to day basis. Bought by many of our professional Clio 11 and 12 customers as an additional measuring system, it is also well within financial reach of enthusiastic amateur designer and DIY speaker builders. 


Clio software is renowned in professional circles for its versatile measuring suite, powerful post-processing options and intuitive graphic user interface. Please note: Clio Pocket files are readable by Clio 12 software.

Catalina ready beta version is now available


Clio Pocket software is now in V2.1, with many improvements over the original 1.5 (upgrades are available, for a small fee: please e mail is for more information). Up till now the Mac software has been in 32 bit and thus  not suitable a for use with Apple's OS 10.5 Catalina (64 bit). However, alpha testing of the new 64 bit software V2.12 is now complete and it is now available in beta form only for now.  If you are using Clio Pocket under Mac OS and wish to partake in the Beta testing phase please use this link to Audiomatica's website to register 


Pocket has had some great press. Click below to read  Joe D'Appolito's excellent review in Audioxpress Magazine:  

Note: for tests on loudspeakers (other than impedance) , an external power amplifier, such as the Model 5 QC test box) is required.



For further information, or to place orders contact DBS Audio at :


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phone: 01284 723933    or 07776188547

Clio Pocket
Audio Design Consultancy

In addition to supplying Clio, to a long list of customers over the years, (Universities, both small and large hi fi and pro audio manufacturers, installers and distributors) we also act as consultants, working closely with clients to design and manage projects from concept to production.


We have developed and helped bring into production many  hi-fi loudspeakers, of which many have been award winning.


In effect , we become an outsourced R&D and Project Management source, without the high costs of  hiring staff and running an internal laboratory. 


Clio also supply accessories for acoustic measurements, R&D and quality control.



Always at your service

It does not matter whether we are dealing with a new customer, or one who bought Clio 20 years ago. We are always on hand to answer questions and give advice.

We treat all customers, alike, old and new, large or small.

Sub woofer test with Clio from DBS Audio UK

Sub woofer test with Clio from DBS Audio UK

​Clio Pocket package, complete  with mic. and cables